People who actually read the news are more likely to be anti-Islam

For years, the Left has insisted that so-called “Islamophobia” is caused by ignorance. But a recent study suggests that the opposite is true. Research finds that people – who are generally ‘highly tolerant’ – show increased anger and reduced warmth towards Muslims if they are more avid news consumers.

As you’ll see in the photos added below, Christians and especially Jews (they aren’t all smart or well-read), not to mention gays and feminazis, are the biggest supporters of the people who want to kill them the most: MUSLIMS

Independent  Whether liberal or conservative, researchers found more avid news consumers showed both increased anger and reduced warmth towards members of the Islamic faith…


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    It just takes a lot of time to create everything and maintain it as well. Therefore you all have to pardon me not personally reacting on every comment. I just check for allowance or spam once a week or so. Everyone, ENJOY and learn about the facts of the evil of islam. Zeepertje


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