IS THE NETHERLANDS turning into another France or Sweden with widespread car torchings by Muslim migrants?

It’s no secret that the surge in Muslim economic migrants posing as ‘refugees’ who have been invading Europe, has resulted in a record-breaking number of car fires – otherwise known as ‘arson jihad’ – especially in France and Sweden. Now the Netherlands seems to be ‘under fire’ with more than 10 car torchings per day!

Voice of Europe  (h/t Marvin W) The Union of Insurance Companies in the Netherlands is worried about the growing number of car fires in the country.

According to their statistics, the number has never been so high. With 2,808 car fires in the first nine months, 2017 is already a record breaking year, with 90 more car fires than in 2016 and 398 more than in 2015.

With 2,808 incidents in the first nine months of this year, 312 cars were burned per month: That’s more than 10 per day! According to a spokesman of the Union, most car fires are intentionally lit. They cost on average 10,000 euros per car and in total tens of millions of euros per year.

Most of these Muslim arsonists are of Moroccan origin…

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