Christian teacher suspended for accidentally calling a trans boy ‘a girl’ in class says school closed down his popular Bible study group in row over gay marriage

  • Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, accidentally called transgender pupil ‘girl’ rather than ‘boy’
  • Speaking today he said it was a ‘slip of the tongue’ but apologised straight away
  • However the pupil’s parents complained during parent’s evening six weeks later
  • He has been summoned to a formal hearing to face charges for ‘misgendering’
  • He also said school shut down his Bible group following row about gay marriage

A teacher suspended for accidentally calling a transgender pupil a ‘girl’ rather than ‘boy’ said it was a ‘slip of the tongue’ as it was revealed his Bible study group was shut down following a row about gay marriage.

Mr Sutcliffe, pictured with Andrea Minichiello Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre who is supporting him, had taught at the school for two years when he mistakenly called the transgender pupil a girl two months agoJoshua Sutcliffe, 27, said the student, who identifies as male, became ‘irate’ after he said ‘well done girls’ to him and a female friend for working hard.

The maths teacher, who does not believe in gender fluidity due to his Christian faith, insisted today he had ‘apologised’ straight away.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning he said: ‘I did not want to offend because it’s a sensitive issue and so I was trying to adhere to school policy and teaching standards and uphold my dignity as a professional.’

He also explained how the school had shut down his popular Bible study group that was attended by 100 children after he described marriage as being between a man and a woman in answer to a pupil’s question…

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