Minnesota: Leftists in city of jihad stabbing spree protest Iranian ex-Muslim’s speech: “Islamophobia is White Supremacy”

If any of these protesters had gone to St. Cloud’s Crossroads Center mall on September 17, 2016, they might have run into Dahir Adan, who stabbed 10 mall shoppers with kitchen knives after asking some if they were Muslim. He was screaming “Allahu akbar” during this stabbing spree.

Gerelateerde afbeeldingIn response to this jihad attack, the righteous Left mounted no protests against Dahir Adan’s mosque.Nor did they make any request that Muslims in the St. Cloud area stop preaching jihad violence. Instead, they protested against the appearance of an Iranian ex-Muslim who was warning against the jihad threat that Dahir Adan embodied. And they protested by holding a large sign reading “Islamophobia is White Supremacy.” So apparently jihad terror is brown and woke. But what about white jihadis, such as John Walker Lindh and Adam Gadahn and a host of others? Is opposing them white supremacy as well? Leftism is getting so complicated these days.

“Controversial Speaker Sparks Large Protest Outside Granite City Baptist Church,” by Richard Leguil, WJON, September 14, 2017:

ST. CLOUD — A former Iranian-Muslim turned Christian Pastor stopped to speak in St. Cloud Thursday night and drew both support- and protest – for his views on Islam.

Pastor and head of the “Truth in Love Project MinistriesShahram Hadiantravels around the United States talking about Islam, its relationship to Christianity and his personal experiences inside and outside the religion, and from his time in Iran.

Thursday night he stopped by the Granite City Baptist Church to discuss the “Trojan Horse of Interfaith Dialogue”…

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