First Paypal, now sharia-compliant Youtube has banned Bare Naked Islam’s account

I rarely ever upload videos to my Youtube account. Nevertheless, the video I posted a few days ago (see below) not only was removed within one hour, an email followed that informed me that my Youtube account had been permanently suspended.

You can try contacting Youtube to protest (my account name there was “timedjumpoff”) but don’t expect an answer. I don’t even care that they banned me from uploading videos, but they won’t even allow me access to my subscribed channel listings.

Youtube, a subsidiary of Google, has caved to pressure from designated Islamic terrorist group CAIR, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the  far left ‘Jewish’ Anti Defamation League (ADL), and Pro-Publica, all of which are funded in part by George Soros .

They claim to be censoring  far-right extremism, incitement to violence and Islamic terrorism, but in fact, they are censoring the people who are providing crucial information about creeping sharia and exposing the threat of Islamic jihad, both violent and institutional, rather than ignoring it, as the Left does…

Now published on, this is the video that got my account banned. Click here to play.

barenakedislam BNI
Also published on

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