MUSTCHECK; AgendaOfEvil, Brand new website on air now . . .

A lot of users might know “AgendaOfEvil” for being active on multiple platforms as can be seen in Mohammed’s head above.

The new website is really nice to find things in a real easy way. Excellent topics stored in a logical way within a good menu structure. As with most websites, it’s a dynamic piece of art on which there will be new topics and content added continuously.

If you want to look up a particular vers from the quran? It’s there in a variety of translations.

Looking for some good memes or videos? It’s there. And so many many more interesting things. And of course most recent news can be displayed through a selection on the menu. Some menu structures as an example displayed and emphasized yellow.

But it’s not just flat pics, a lot of work still going on concerning some intelligence in regard to use the content directly in your tweets. Hundreds of sources are used to gather information on islam.

All in all it’s surely worth paying a visit from time to time and keep up with developments.

On a communication level Discord is used so you can forget about skype and so, not needed anymore.

Also the current issue of free speech, (social) media and censorship are topics at AgendaOfEvil because AgendaOfEvil ran into problems a number of times and from my own experience I can tell you that it’s fascism by fb, youtube, twitter, Google+ and so on.

Same as me, Zeepertje, AgendaOfEvil uses various censor free platforms as GAB.AI, for posting, and for storage of content there’s and BitChute. To avoid Google for browsing there’s DuckDuckGo amongst many browsers for more or less private surfing.

And of course there’s the AgendaOfEvil youtube channel and Reddit.

Just to learn something in depth on islam a short video from the AoE-channel (much more to find on AgendaOfEvil)

  • What Is Taqiyya? (Click on second video when playing)

About the current status they display the following on their main page;

New website update is being implemented as a result some things may be turned off and not functional until it is fully rolled out.

  • New website layout to use full screen and auto adjust to fit on resize
  • Added Search ability for Memes, Videos, resources and my posts
  • a new blogging feature to group related videos and stories into a single item
  • Favourites for people to save items (signed in users only)
  • Twitter campaigns to share items you like and getting your followers to help you get the message you want out
  • Memes and videos organised into new menu system and with more human readable friendly URL’s
  • Ability to add badges to Twitter profile images/avatars
  • Coming soon a tool to tell you if your Twitter account is being “Shadow Banned”

New text chat and voice conference server (free) 

  • New text chat and voice conference server being set-up to discuss issues away from Twitter and Facebook
  • New website to list “Bot” commands for the text chat and voice conference server

New features for use in debate

  • 16 searchable translations of the Quran with the ability to share the verses as auto generated memes
  • Return of the latest terrorist attacks also searchable by auto generated memes
  • Access to the latest terrorist news items to share
  • New definitions section which are also shareable by auto generated memes

To end with a short-cut from an islamic topic on Necrophilia which is not commonly known (more on this at AoE-website);

So, C H E C K – O U T and enjoy;

ps. We welcome some funding if you can miss it. For send me an email (to be found in topmenu/colofon) and you can use that as well for a paypal transaction. For you will find funding buttons on their website.
Thank you so much!

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