Axe-wielding man detained in Belgium says he was heading to photoshoot

Military police arrested an axe-wielding man in the central shopping street of Antwerp, Belgium. The detainee explained that he purchased the fearsome tool to pose as a lumberjack in a photoshoot.

Axe-wielding man detained in Belgium says he was heading to photoshootThe incident happened on Saturday night when vigilant Antwerp citizens warned the soldiers of a man with an axe they saw on the street, Belga news agency reported.

The man did not resist arrest and dropped his axe when asked to do so by the troops, who then handed him over to the civil police.

During the interrogation, the detainee told the officers that he purchased the axe to pose as a lumberjack in a photoshoot. The man was reportedly heading to the mall in order to buy even more woodcutting gear for his photoshoot.

The police found the 24-year-old man’s explanations convincing and let the man go shortly afterwards.

The whole incident was a “misunderstanding,” police spokesperson Wouter Bruyns said, as cited by HLN.


In earlier days, so many men walked with an axe without even one question asked by anyone, thanks to the islamized cultural enrichment bringing on al this jihadi stuff.

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