“Run, hide, tell”: British holidaymakers warned how to survive terror attack in chilling video

Footage shows British holidaymakers relaxing before gunmen storm the hotel – echoing the attack two years ago in Tunisia when 38 died

Police stressed there is no specific intelligence that UK holidaymakers will be targeted.

Det Chief Supt Scott Wilson, national co-ordinator for the protect and prepare strategy, said: “As we saw in Tunisia, any westerner is likely to be a target anywhere in the world.

“That’s the sad reality. The chances of it happening are still very low.

Run, Hide, Tell was introduced by UK police in December 2015 and activated at London Bridge last month.

In a terror attack, people should run to a place of safety if there is a safe route, leaving belongings behind and insisting others go with them.

If there is nowhere to go, then they should hide by barricading themselves in and turn their phones to silent.

Then, only when it is safe, they should alert the authorities by calling the local emergency number, which holidaymakers should find out in advance. For EU countries it is 112…

Also published on Fenixx.org

Dutch; tpo>>

So, nothing to worry about anymore now… pff

  • Run Hide Tell: Stay Safe in the event of a terrorist attack abroad

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