New Zealand: Muslim dad laughs as he gives his son a mock execution

The good news is that this father was jailed in New Zealand. He was not dealt with lightly by authorities who feared being branded a racist or Islamophobe, as has happened in Britain.

One may logically argue in this particular case that there are cruel and abusive fathers of every creed and race, but what makes this case significant beyond mainstream domestic abuse is Kiimatangiroa​ Junior Samuel’s readiness to illustrate to his young son a practice that is widely implemented globally when Islam is considered to have been disrespected or blasphemed: murder or severe punishment for blasphemy or for offending Islam.

This jihadist father took deep personal offence at what he considered to be disrespectful behavior by his young son at a mosque, and he also struck terror into his other children who were forced to be witnesses. In Western culture, such cruelty, particularly done in the name of a religion, is inconceivable, but this father demonstrated a culture of death and abuse that motivates jihadists.

Many Muslim children are steeped in such a culture. For example: Palestinian kindergarten children held a shocking “graduation ceremony with small children performing military-style terrorist drills”; and U.N.-sponsored summer camps teach and encourage Palestinian children to destroy Israel.

The West has grown accustomed to jihadist abuse against Israel, infidels (including infidel children) and apostates, but not against a young child for disrespecting his own religion…


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