Islamic Indoctrination In Education Spreads As Common Core Steps Up Muslim Program

Common Core has taken a lot of criticism for many reasons since it was passed. There are complaints that the quality of the lesson plans and curriculums are subpar, that there is political propaganda inserted into it, and that it pushes forth a pro-Islamic agenda.


Schools are creating banners promoting Islamic ideas.

While in the past most of the Islamic content in Common Core was limited to a few vocabulary exercises, it was still controversial for good reason as it obviously intended to paint a positive picture of Muhammad and gave an unrealistic positive depiction of Islamic history. However, the new content in Common Core is a step up in their Muslim program.


An example of the worksheets being used by Common Core.

The new content which is a worksheet called “Five Pillars of Islam” is full of questionable material. One example asks for students to complete sentences like “Islam is a religion of peace,” and “We call God Allah,” with the words “peace” and “Allah” missing. Other exercises required students to know that Muslims must pray five times a day and visit mosques on Fridays, that “there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.” They also discuss making a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your lifetime fasting from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan.

The worksheet also attempted to cut off any possibility of criticism of Islam. It featured fill in the blank questions to say how Muslims feel (bad) that “a few people of my religion committed terrorist acts” Another example had students circle whether Muslims do or do not believe in “terrorists’ ideas of ‘holy war’”


Muslims feeling “bad” about terrorist acts.

Another example of Islamic propaganda inserted into Common Core came from a three week unit on Islam. The unit made students pick a Muslim name, recite Islamic prayers, and celebrate Ramadan. This particular incident culminated in a case overseen by the Supreme Court, which rules that school prayer is unconstitutional but allows Islamic propaganda as “instructional”.

Some school districts have attempted to defend the Islamic indoctrination found in Common Core by stating that “Students are exposed to various cultures, values, and beliefs through the reading of multiple types of literature, but teachers certainly aren’t advocating for any of them”…


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