UK’s Independent pleads that nothing be done to stop jihad terror after Manchester massacre

“We’re not actually equipped to do that much at all, other than to try to carry on, to not allow ourselves to be terrorised, to stop living our lives.”

In reality, there is plenty that we can do. We can stop lying to ourselves and to each other about what is happening and why. We can stop electing politicians who perpetuate the policies that have gotten us into this fix. We can call the political and media elites to account and demand that they drop the politically correct obfuscation and speak honestly about the motivating ideology, nature and magnitude of this threat. And much more. But the Independent would rather keep you ignorant and complacent in the face of what is happening and what is to come.

Just relax. And as the jihad machete slices through your own neck, just repeat to yourself, “At least I was never racist or Islamophobic.

“There’s only one way Britain should respond to attacks such as Manchester. That is by carrying on exactly as before,” by Andrew Buncombe (oh, yes indeed, Buncombe it is), reporting from a safe distance in New York, Independent, May 23, 2017:

…Prime Minister Theresa May is to confer with Britain’s top security committee – a so-called Cobra meeting – on Tuesday morning. Her hope, and all of those who meet with her in the shadows of Whitehall, will be that this was a one-off incident, not the start of something even more horrible.

As Jeremey Corbyn offered his condolences, May said she was suspending her election campaign to deal with what had transpired. That is only right and correct…


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