Satellite Intel Shows That Obama Was Wrong About North Korea All Along, The Threat Is REAL

When Obama was President of the U.S, we kept hearing about “when North Korea” can hit the America or “if Kim Jong-un keeps progressing” he could be a threat.

We learned that an EMP blast from the Hermit Kingdom could cripple the land of the free and three of them could potentially kill 90% of the population.

The size and power of Kim Jong-un’s weapons have increased
far beyond what Obama claimed.

Now even Obama’s assumption that the cruel regime could not hit the U.S. with their Tinker Toy weapons have proven false. The Sun has confirmed that “North Korea’s weapons are far more powerful that first thought,” something which the anti-nuclear movement has long said to be the case.

We know that not only can NK’s weapons of mass destruction reach Hawaii as long suspected, but Alaska as well, according to satellite intelligence monitoring their testing.

The data shows that the dynasty has been building up the size of their rockets as rapidly as their leader builds upon his waistline.

By testing scorch marks left on the Earth it is believed that the reviled nation is testing a “Hwasong-12 rocket – capable of flying 4,500miles,” the information reveals…


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