South Tel Aviv Overtaken by Illegal Immigrants

South Tel Aviv citizens afraid to leave their homes after dark.


Last week, a 29 year old illegal immigrant from Eritrea was charged with the attempted rape of an 80 year old woman in South Tel Aviv. The victim, in describing the attack, said “he beat me and dragged me across the floor.” Later in the week, a 40 year old woman was brutally raped near the Old Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv. The perpetrator is still on the loose.

Over the past few years, urban neighborhoods throughout Europe have been overtaken by refugees and illegal immigrant populations. Crime has risen, local populations have lost their sense of security, and areas have become no-go zones for police. South Tel Aviv is on the precipice of becoming like these European cities. Yet the media remains silent, and the ruling class are oblivious to the situation.

Last week’s violent acts in South Tel Aviv are not sporadic instances, but tragically have become the norm. Last week, during a protest involving illegal immigrant groups, residents of South Tel Aviv and local police were ridiculed and berated by illegal immigrants who screamed ‘the police are ISIS’, ‘this is not your country’, ‘your country is sh-t’, ‘you are not a Jew’. Many police were needed to quell the demonstrations, which turned violent towards the end, as illegal immigrants began attacking residents filming the protest. In previous documented cases, illegal immigrants are seen hitting an elderly Israeli with a wood plank, while in other instances saying “the Nazis should be thanked” and showing admiration for Hitler.

Sheffi Paz, a resident of South Tel Aviv and a leading activist against illegal immigration, has received death threats on her Facebook account on more than one occasion.

The rapes, violence, intimidation, and the lost sense of security, intensify the feeling that South Tel Aviv is losing its Israeli character. This feeling is backed by a report published by the Knesset Research and Information Center (KRIC) last June which estimated that the illegal immigrant population in South Tel Aviv is greater than the Israeli population. This assessment was based on information received from different branches in the Tel Aviv municipality. It estimated that at the beginning of 2016, the illegal immigrant population in South Tel Aviv numbered between 48,000-60,000 people, whereas the Israeli population in that area is 39,150 according to 2014 statistics, with those numbers declining annually.

Yet, it is possible that the gap is even greater.

In response to KRIC’s request for additional information, the Tel Aviv municipality admitted that it lacks statistics regarding births and deaths among the illegal immigrant population as well as a realistic count of the children. In an effort to reach an accurate number of illegal immigrant children, KRIC crosschecked information from the Tel Aviv municipality and statistics from the Ministry of Health, and concluded that there were an estimate of 3,600 illegal immigrant children below age six, as opposed to Israeli children in that same age group numbering 2,960.

But the statistics from the Ministry of Health express the reality of the illegal immigrant takeover of South Tel Aviv. The Israeli government runs medical care clinics for children throughout the country monitoring children’s progress and providing all necessary vaccinations and other treatment. Throughout Tel Aviv, 3,512 illegal immigrant children were treated at these clinics, which represent 12% of all children treated in Tel Aviv. On the surface, this number may seem negligible. However, of these 3,512 children, only 111 of them were treated at clinics located outside of South Tel Aviv. For example, in one South Tel Aviv clinic, 1,698 illegal immigrant children were treated, which accounted for 94% of the children treated at that clinic. Thus a situation has been created where South Tel Aviv has begun to look like Africa, while residents in Central and North Tel Aviv are completely oblivious to the situation.

The increase in percentage of illegal immigrants than Israelis in South Tel Aviv has also been a result of Israelis fleeing the area. Between the years 2010-2014, 3,000 Israelis moved out of four South Tel Aviv neighborhoods.

The KRIC could not provide a reason for the migration, however conversations with residents have turned up one reason: the illegal immigration population.

A resident who refused to be identified said that she left the ‘Tikva’ neighborhood of South Tel Aviv due to the lawlessness. “It’s as if we don’t live in Israel. My daughter experienced sexual harassment almost on a daily basis. Her friends from school were afraid to come to our house. After 7 pm, we are confined to our house, and if we have to leave for whatever reason, our hands shake with fear. I’m not even referring to the fact that illegal immigrants have completely taken over public areas, shout obscenities at us on a daily basis, make sexual comments to my daughter, or that they disrespect our Jewish traditions. Since we have moved out, my kids are flourishing and are happy again. We were saddened that we had to leave, this was the neighborhood that I grew up in.”

While the demographics issue can be quantified…

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