“Moderate” Morocco: Christians Speak Out, Demand Their Right to Worship in Muslim Country

It’s always interesting to see what really goes on in the “moderate” Muslim countries hailed as shining examples of how far modern Islamic countries have come.

And while the persecution of religious minorities in devout Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Iran is far more punitive, why should any human being be oppressed and subjugated for their religion (an Islamic imperative)? And why is this (sharia) sanctioned by the world?

The difficulties described in this article are framed as discreetly and carefully as possible, with subtitles such as “Thorny Issue,”  but it isn’t hard to read in between the lines.

“We are asking for the right to give our children Christian names, worship in churches, be buried in Christian cemeteries and marry according to our religion.”

Pray for them.

Moroccan Christians Speak Out, Demand Their Right to Worship

Rabat – Recently more Moroccans have come out as Christians, preaching for their faith and calling for their rights to be recognized.

In an article published by the Agence France-Presse (AFP), a group of Moroccan Christians spoke about their experiences as converts and outlined their demands as a religious minority.

Moroccan and Christian

“I am Moroccan before I am a Christian”, said Rachid, a Moroccan Christian pastor.

Rachid receives Moroccans converted to Christianity in his apartment in Ait Melloul near the city of Agadir, South Morocco.

Along with another pastor, Mustapha, he leads the afternoon prayers where he preaches the word of God.

Making his conversion in 2004, Rachid said he took interest in Christianity while still a teenager.

Through the internet he got in touch with a preaching website from which he received a Bible.

“I read it fully, and then I studied it and took part in trainings. At the age 24 I was baptized in an apartment in Casablanca,” said Rachid.

Mustapha’s conversion happened much earlier. In 1994 he turned to Christianity to “fill a spiritual void.” The 46 years old pastor revealed he had been a member of the Islamist “Justice and Charity” movement.

“I got weary of the contradictions of Islam. I got interested in Christianity and started exchanging messages with a religious center in Spain. Then, I made my decision and converted,” said Mustapha. He too became a pastor thanks to a course by correspondence with a US Christian institution…


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