TURKISH MUSLIM army of online trolls try to sabotage Armenian Genocide movie with bad reviews

The Promise, a $100 million movie starring Christian Bale, has already received over 60,000 one-star reviews on IMDb, despite the fact that it has only been screened one time ever.

  • The Promise Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Christian Bale Movie

An army of nationalist Muslim trolls from Turkey, desperate to suppress the period of history shown in the film, that shows Muslims for the savages that they really are, allegedly are to blame.

 HeatStreet  The Promise is set in a harrowing period of Turkish history during the First World War, in which the Ottoman Empire slaughtered 1.5m Armenians. This is referred to by many as the Armenian Genocide, or the “Armenian (Christian) Holocaust” by Turkish Muslims.

The movie isn’t actually out yet, and has only been shown to around 900 people at a single screening at the Toronto Film Festival.

But that hasn’t stopped it amassing an overwhelming quantity of online downvotes from people who can’t possible have seen it. Movie producers are accusing an internet army of Turkish genocide deniers of being responsible for their 1.8 star rating out of 10…

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  • The Armenian Genocide

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