Why is a fancy hotel in Canada allowing Muslims to lift their asses to allah in the middle of their main lobby?

Château Montebello is a hotel, a luxury hotel in Quebec. Typically, guests at a hotel have a room. So clearly praying in the most inconvenient and public areas is not about religious devotion, but about establishing primacy for their religion. This what Muslim supremacists like to do, shoving their filthy cult pretending to be a religion, into our faces at every opportunity.

Vlad Tepes (h/t Susan K) After all, if you were to gently tap them on the shoulder and ask them where the gift shop was, which would be appropriate behaviour in a hotel lobby, likely you would be thrown out as if you disrupted a service at a mosque.

If you complained that people were making it difficult to conduct your normal business in the lobby because they were face down on the rug, arse skyward mumbling, you would likely be castigated for being racist, even though a behaviour can’t be racist, and these people chose to do that behaviour in an inappropriate place.

The following text is from the originating Facebook page: one hour ago, Muslim couple praying at the lobby of a very prestigious hotel in Montebello, QC.

1- Don’t they have a PRIVATE room to go and pray?

2- If not, what are they doing here?

3- Is Islam a political ideology?

4- Is this a new way to create distressful atmosphere and play the victim-hood game to assist Muslim brotherhood MPs M-103 Motion?

5- Have they been told by Imams to dress like Muslims and pray everywhere and anywhere by imams- Reliance of the Traveler

6- What is the purpose of such prayers in public? Exercise or showcase? Can anyone have intimate time with the creator praying at a lobby of a hotel?

 7-Or is this called a domination display with the intend to attract attention, assert their Islamic presence & challenge the surrounding culture with intent to conquer?

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