“Moderate” Malaysia: Muslim preacher says girls should marry at 15, “at 28, no one would want to marry them…the woman’s value has dropped”

We are constantly admonished that Malaysia is a moderate Muslim nation, a model for the rest of the Islamic world and a demonstration of the fact that Islam can be compatible with a free and prosperous modern society.

Yet as always, Islam sets the limits of just how free and modern a Muslim nation can be. Malaysia cannot outlaw child marriage, and Malaysian Muslim clerics are constantly seen condoning it, because Muhammad married his favorite wife Aisha at age six and consummated the marriage when Aisha was nine.

Since Muhammad did that, there is no way that Malaysia could criminalize child marriage or change the legal permissible age for marriage. They cannot increase the age for marriage; the age which is allowed in Islam must be followed.

And the Democrats and RINOs are doing everything they possibly can to bring this terror to our cities, towns, schools.

“Preacher lambasted for saying girls should get married at 15”, by Mei Mei Chu, The Star, December 28, 2017:

PETALING JAYA: Moderation advocates have condemned the statement by preacher Azhar Idrus, saying that Muslim girls are marriageable at age 15 and Muslim women should not take photos in non-Muslim owned photo studios.

In a Harakah Daily reader question-and-answer section, Azhar answered a query about the boundaries between men and women by saying that women are marriageable at 15 after they have reached puberty.

He said, however, girls are getting married at a later age due to education, adding that they are about 28 years old by the time they are finished with university.

“But at 28 years old, no one would want to marry them and even if there were, the woman’s value has dropped,”…

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