EXCLUSIVE – Jihadist: Terrorists Cross Border Fence Between Gaza and Sinai Despite Increased Security

TEL AVIV — Seven Palestinian jihadists residing in the Gaza Strip have managed to cross the border fence between Egypt and the Strip in order to join the ranks of Wilyat Sinai, the Egyptian branch of the Islamic State🏴 active in the Sinai Peninsula, according to a senior jihadist in Gaza.

preventing infiltrationThis despite the thorough security arrangements in the area and the increased presence of both Egyptian soldiers and Hamas security personnel.

According to Abu Baker al-Maqdesi, a senior jihadist in the Gaza Strip associated with IS ideology, the seven were wanted by Hamas authorities but managed to evade Hamas’ security forces deployed not only along the entire border but all the paths leading to it. They reached Sinai through the fence itself and not the underground tunnels connecting the two territories.

The seven managed to open a hole in the fence west of Rafah city to reach Sinai.

According to al-Maqdesi, Hamas security forces spent two days raiding the homes of the seven as well as searching the border area, “but everyone, all of our brothers, finally succeeded in crossing the border to join the army of the Caliphate, despite the security arrangements of Hamas and the Egyptian army.”

The senior jihadist said the seven were all between the ages of 18-21…

Also published on Fenixx.org

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