Sweden: 20 masked men firebomb synagogue, Jews hide in basement, police block off area

The perpetrators could be “right-wing extremists” or neo-Nazis, but they’re much more likely to be members of Sweden’s rapidly growing Muslim population, enraged that President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — or using that recognition as a pretext to attack Jews in Sweden.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Sweden masked men firebomb synagogue“JUST NOW: Fire attack against Jewish youth party – big police force,” translated from “JUST NU: Brandattack mot judisk ungdomsfest – stort polispådrag,” Expressen, December 9, 2017:

20 masked men have been seen throwing burning objects against the synagogue in central Gothenburg.

“We are in place with a number of units,” said Peter Nordengard, police chief of the West Western region.

A youth party is taking place in the parish home next to the synagogue. The youth have moved down in the basement of the premises.

The police have gone up in a special event.

The alarm arrived at 22.10 on Saturday night.

Testimony talks about 20 masked men have been seen throwing burning objects against the synagogue in central Gothenburg.

“We do not know much more than there are several molotov cocktails that have been thrown against the synagogue. These are bottles and gasoline, says a police at the site of GP.

The police have set up lockouts in the area around the synagogue. At midnight the police had no suspicion…

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