Imam Says It’s His Right To Preach ‘Kill Infidels,’ Judge’s 2 Words Wipe Away His Grin

After an asylum seeker was caught preaching to mosque-goers to “burn” infidels alive for insulting Islam, he stood before the court and invoked his religious right to preach the message. However, as soon as a patriotic judge heard his demand, he issued 2 brilliant words that turned the imam’s grin into a look of sheer horror.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Ethiopian Muslim cleric at the An’Nur mosqueSince liberals have forced European nations to resettle millions of mostly Muslim migrants, the fundamentals of Islam are spreading across the West, threatening to eradicate our exceptional liberties, benevolent values, and progressive culture. Islam’s aggressive growth is paving the way for Sharia law, which denies religious minorities basic human rights.

In October 2016, Swiss authorities arrested an Ethiopian Muslim cleric at the An’Nur mosque in Winterthur for repeatedly preaching sermons encouraging followers to obey the violent verses of the Quran. While distributing images of gory Sharia executions of infidels, the unnamed asylum-seeking imam, who had only been in Switzerland for a few months, urged congregants to kill the unbelievers — namely, those who refuse to obey the Quran.

During his trial, the imam hoped he could invoke his civil right to preach the violent commands, which are found verbatim in the Quran, using Switzerland’s freedoms and laws against his gracious host country. Unfortunately, he learned an appropriately brutal lesson in Western law.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor swiss mosque imam hate preacher judgeAccording to Swiss Info, the judge for the district court in Zurich informed the immigrant cleric that he would absolutely have the right to invoke violence against non-Muslims — after serving an 18-month suspended prison sentence and being deported to Ethiopia. With two words, “prison” and “deportation,” the honorable judge sided with the prosecution, ruling that the Muslim cleric can spout the verses of the Quran from a pulpit in his own country, where the authorities may deal with him under their nation’s laws…

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  • Imam Says It’s His Right To Preach ‘Kill Infidels,’ Judge’s 2 Words Wipe Away His Grin

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