Manchester Central Mosque, known for tolerant image, hosts eight Islamic reciters who glorify Pakistani terrorist

Manchester Central Mosque (MCM) has a communal and tolerant outward appearance. High ranking police representatives frequent the place during Islamic holidays, after the terrorist attack on an Ariana Grande concert the Mosque held a vigil and affirmed its dedication to harmonious coexistence, and after the attack on London’s Finsbury mosque, it called for an end to “all forms of extremism“.

Why then, did at least eight Islamic reciters from Pakistan, known for praising Pakistani terrorist Mumtaz Qadri, kick off their European tours there last saturday, with MCM’s imam Javed Akhtar serving as their local agent and fixer? And it’s not the first time either. They have been inviting preachers and reciters who have praised terrorist Qadri ever since he on 4 January 2011 assassinated Pakistani governor Salmaan Taseer, who spoke against enstating blasphemy laws.

This year’s annual festivity, called Mehfil e Naat, is the 23rd edition. During last year’s 22nd edition, MCM even invited a Pakistani preacher, Muzaffar Shah Qadri, who is not even allowed to preach in Pakistan.

Just so you can make up your own mind about MCM, we constructed a timeline…

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