France: Muslims enter convent, pray in Arabic during Vespers, tell nuns to convert to Islam or face hell

Then they wrote “Allahu akbar” in the guestbook and left. But don’t be concerned: the local imams says, “I went to see the young man after to explain to him that this is not how we do it.”

“We do it,” more famously and lethally, in other ways.

“Islamist intrusion into Verdun Carmel,” translated from “Intrusion islamiste au carmel de Verdun,” L’Est Républicain, November 16, 2017 (thanks to David):

The facts date from last Friday at the time of Vespers. Two men were welcomed for the service and urged the sisters to convert to Islam. No physical violence was perpetrated.

“They came back, a sister welcomed them and she talked with them”. Bishop Gusching, bishop of Verdun, returned on Monday again to the religious community of Verdun, ten sisters strong. The Carmelites are still in shock over what happened to them on Friday, November 10, around 5PM.

At the time of the Vespers service, two individuals about thirty years old, bearded and dressed normally, entered the Carmelite convent of Verdun.

After talking with the sister at the reception, the latter told them that the Office of Vespers would soon begin. “They asked her if they could go to the chapel,” said the bishop. “She said yes”.

Once in the chapel, “they prayed in Arabic during Vespers,” says Bishop Gusching. “They presented themselves as divine messengers and told them: if you do not convert, you will go to hell.”…

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