Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven: Please consider changing offensive national flag

Why this is important
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor swedish flag moonThe Swedish flag is a constant reminder of our dark and oppressive past. Refugees and migrants are forced to live under its Christian Cross; a symbol of the Crusades and the slaughter of millions of innocent Islamic lives in Sweden’s past that makes them feel unwelcome and unsafe. Sweden should be a safe space for everyone.

The rise of Extremist Far‐Right movements, emboldened by the flag of Christianity and ‘whiteness’, only further necessitates this change.

As our outdated national symbol gradually becomes the banner of Xenophobic and racist extremist groups, we must think into the future. A future of peace, understanding and tolerance.

Our proposition is, to show our unity with the religion of peace and to make our home a home and a safe environment for all, that we replace our symbol of an oppressive past with the Holy symbol of Islam. No longer would far‐right extremists feel that their country caters to their extreme and genocidal ideologies.

The cross is only representative of Christians while the moon not only represents our solidarity with Islam but is also a part of nature. The moon and stars represent a universal culture of beauty and resistance to fascism and intolerance.

It is time for Sweden to become an international country, a beacon of tolerance and understanding.


  • Operation Swedistan – Plan to Change the Swedish Flag to Be More Inclusive

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