Dutch MP vows to ‘de-Islamize’ nation, calls mosques ‘Nazi temples’

Ahead of election in which his party is projected to gain significantly, Geert Wilders says other politicians will have to work with him or face backlash

nazi-tempelFar-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders vowed to “de-Islamize” the Netherlands, calling mosques “Nazi temples” and promised to ban the sale of the Quran if he becomes prime minister in the upcoming elections.

In an interview with Dutch TV WNL Sunday, Wilders compared the Islamic religious text to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, saying the country’s ban on the Nazi text should be extended to the Muslim book, which he believes is more anti-Semitic. He also spoke of his plans to shutter mosques, which he called “Nazi temples.”

He said mainstream politicians in the Netherlands would have to work with his Party for Freedom if voters strongly back his anti-immigration, anti-European Union platform in the country’s upcoming election, or face a peaceful backlash.

The Party for Freedom, or PVV, is polling strongly ahead of the March 15 election for the lower house of Parliament. Mainstream parties, however, have ruled out working in a coalition government with him. That means it would be extremely difficult for Wilders to form a government, since the Dutch electoral system all but guarantees coalitions.

“If voters make the PVV really big — I’m not talking about two or three extra seats, but really big…they will have to” work with his party, Wilders said in the nationally broadcast interview.

cordon-sanitaireWilders’ party currently has 12 of the 150 seats in the lower house, but polls are forecasting him to substantially build on that in the election. Wilders himself says up to 2.5 million people could vote for him in his nation of 17 million and that other political parties would ignore his far-right voters at their peril.

“You can detest Geert Wilders or the PVV, but you can’t just set aside 2-2.5 million people,” he told the WNL broadcaster.



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