Turkish Father Honor Kills Himself Live on Facebook

In a twist to the concept of honor killing, a father in Turkey killed himself live on Facebook after claiming his family had dishonored him in connection with his daughter’s upcoming marriage, the Daily Mail reported.

Ayhun Uzun, 54, from the city of Kayseri in located in central Turkey, was furious that his daughter  had not sought his approval before getting engaged.

In a rant on Facebook Live, he further complained, “’Nobody asked about me. Nobody treated me like a man. My father-in-law took my place and without having a right he approved my daughter’s wedding.

“Nobody said this girl’s father is alive. Though I would have waited for my daughter and family to say to me: ‘Come father, be with us.’”

Instead, he said the family called him and said, “Father come have a treat.”

While family members sent messages on Facebook imploring him not to go through with it, Uzun continued, “Maybe some of you will call this a show. I do not want anybody to go through this thing that I am going through.

“I am livestreaming tonight, and it is my will, I do not want the ones who put me in this position to attend my funeral.”

Uzun then took out a pistol and said his last words: “Goodbye, I am leaving, take good care of yourselves.” He then counted to three and reportedly shot himself.

He could be seen collapsing. Uzun’s family later confirmed that they found him dead after rushing to his house.

Honor culture in Turkey is very widespread. Incidences of honor killings and honor violence have risen significantly since Erdogan’s Islamist government assumed power in 2002…

Also published on Fenixx.org

  • WATCH: Turkish Father Commits Suicide on Facebook Live Over Engagement | CaCao TV

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