TOT MURDER HORROR Massive manhunt in Germany after ‘depraved dad slashes two-year-old daughter’s throat in front of her mum’

A MASSIVE manhunt is underway in Germany for a depraved dad who is said to have murdered his two-year-old daughter by slashing her throat.

 Cops are hunting for the alleged perpetrator - the father of the child who is on the runPolice found the butchered toddler when called out to a small apartment block in a Hamburg suburb last night.

The two-year-old is said to have suffered cuts in the neck area, according to local reports.

Footage from the scene show a body bag being wheeled out of a family home while forensic teams search the premises.

Media reports said cops “broke down” at the sight of the dead girl after she was found at around 9pm.

The mother of the child was discovered in shock and is receiving treatment at a city hospital.

A second child is believed to be safe and being looked after by authorities.

Police using tracker dogs have fanned out across the neighbourhood of Neiwiedenthal in the hunt for the girl’s killer, believed to be her father who is said to have fled the scene and is still on the run…

/According to authorities, the family comes from Pakistan

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  • Hunt for ‘father who killed toddler daughter’ in Germany

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