Dutch parliament rejects Turkish party’s offer to discuss “Islamophobia”

The Denk Party has a lot of nerve to call for this, given the dire situation for religious minorities in Turkey. Most of Turkey’s historic minority communities are long gone, of course: massacred or exiled in the Armenian and Greek Genocides. The remaining Christians suffer escalating persecution.

Yet now the Denk Party wants to lecture the Dutch parliament about the plight of Muslims in a country that has done everything it possibly could to accommodate them?

This is a classic example of the playing of the victim card in order to manipulate authorities into further appeasement and accommodation, even above and beyond the favors those authorities have already bestowed.

“Dutch parliament rejects Turkish party’s offer to discuss Islamophobia,” Pakistan Defence, September 23, 2017:

“Dutch parliament refused on Thursday Denk Party’s request to discuss the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) survey, which found that Muslims in the Netherlands experience discrimination at the highest rate among EU member states.

According to the results of the U.S.-based FRA survey, the Muslim community in the Netherlands is more widely discriminated against than any other Muslim communities in the EU. In response to the results of the survey, the Dutch Denk Party, founded by Dutch-Turks, is seeking to bring the subject to the agenda of parliament. However, the Denk Party’s attempts to discuss the issue were rejected in parliament…

Also published on Fenixx.org

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