Yeah, Shadilay; a free Kekistan and Fuck all these Alt-Left SJW weirdos – Pepe hates #ANTIFAs

The free society of Kekistan.

Kekistan, from the ancient past, covered by archeological evidence on various locations in addendum to all divine revelations of allmighty Kek himself. Through the holy book of Kek and his messenger, Pepe’s teachings

Important to remember, Kekism is far superior to islam. And we have a monument which is very dear to us, the monument of Kekka. It is therefore that ultra-orthodox Kekists pray between 4 and 20 times a day towards Kekka.
You need a passport to get in…

In the end there will be our saviour who will awake all our ancestors and we will be victorious over Cuckistan, normistan, all SJW’s. Our man has come by now…

Check our story, check our history in the last short video below!

The Free Press of Kekistan released quite a range of songs by now, here’s a selection, just because Zeepertje loves them, haha.

Have fun!

  • Kekistani Woman Dances To Kekistan National Anthem – KEKFEST 2018
  • Sound of Social Justice – (Simon Garfunkel Parody Cover Song)
  • Imagine Communism – John Lennon Parody (Alex Jones / Globalism Song)
  • “Mr. Robinson” – Simon & Garfunkel Parody Song – (Tommy’s Tale)
  • Antifa Parody (“Mad World” Parody w/ZDL) – & KYK Update
  • Bill C-16 Song / Jordan Peterson Tribute – Goo Goo Dolls Parody
  • Music – ‘President of France’ – (Rock ‘Les Mis’ Parody)
  • Magog REANIMATED – Retro cartoon ft. “Song of Cringe & Ire’s” star.
  • The Complete / REAL History of Ancient Kekistan

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