The Great Replacement, Part 6: Sweden

This article is part 6 of a series that is looking at The Great Replacement in Europe. It is advised that you read part 1 (France), part 2 (Great Britain), part 3 (Germany), part 4 (Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands) and part 5 (Norway) first.

Great Replacement SwedenWhen we consider The Great Replacement in Europe, Sweden is often the country we think of first. According to many, Sweden is already lost. Her tolerant approach towards immigration, topped up with her generous welfare state, has been too much for the small country to take and irreversible population replacement is already well underway.

It is true that in comparison to the other countries we’ve looked at in this series, the demographics of Sweden have reached far more drastic levels. If trends continue as they are, native Swedes have a shorter time than say, native French or English folk, until they become a minority population in their own homeland. But is Sweden already lost? That’s for you to decide. Below I have documented the change in Sweden’s demographics from World War 2 to the present day…

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Great Replacement Sweden

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