Professor: Euthanizing Newborns Should be Legalized

University of Chicago professor Jerry Coyne recently wrote a post on his blog entitled, “Should one be allowed to euthanize severely deformed or doomed newborns?”

His blog post is dedicated to explaining why euthanizing newborn babies who have major deformities or health problems is not only something that should be allowed, but something that should be done.

He begins his argument with an explanation of why it is completely moral to euthanize a newborn. One of his points is that newborns are just like dogs and cats, he says, “After all, we euthanize our dogs and cats when to prolong their lives would be torture, so why not extend that to humans?” He reasons that since newborns cannot make decisions they are equal to dogs and cats…
…“In the future we’ll look back on our present society and say, “How brutal not to have been allowed to [euthanize a baby through a lethal injection].””


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