NOW: ISIS Calls for Global String of Attacks For Ramadan in Secret Audio Message

An audio message from the spokesman of the Islamic State called on followers to attack a number of international targets with sights explicitly set on the West throughout Ramadan.

Reuters reported that audio from ISIS’ official spokesman, Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer, called on followers to mount attacks in the U.S., Europe, Russia (explicitly), Australia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and the Philippines throughout the Islamic “holy” month.

The audio message was distributed Monday through IS’ Telegram channel (Telegram is an encrypted messaging application). The audio message cannot be “independently verified”, but the voice was the same as a previous purported audio message from the spokesman.

Reuters reports:

An audio message purporting to come from the spokesman of Islamic State called on followers to launch attacks in the United States, Europe, Russia, Australia, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and the Philippines during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which began in late May.

“O lions of Mosul, Raqqa, and Tal Afar, God bless those pure arms and bright faces, charge against the rejectionists and the apostates and fight them with the strength of one man,” said al-Muhajer…


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