Muslims and leftists forcing “Sharia” in Germany and the Netherlands (video)

by Timon Dias

The Dutch city of Rotterdam last week launched a campaign promoting the free choice of life partners. The campaign aims to promote acceptance of homosexual and intercultural relationships and to counter forced marriages.

The posters’ headlines read: “In The Netherlands we choose our own partner”.

  • Poster met zoenende moslima vernield in Rotterdam

As was to be expected, the only opposition to this campaign emphasising the current law and Dutch culture, came from the Muslim community, mostly from the men.

In the video above, two men with an unmistakably Turkish or Moroccan Dutch accent, say the following while they tear down one of the posters displayed below:

We’ve come to finish our shit. Look at this motherfuckers. [inaudible]. Choose your own freedom they say, pull that poster down. Motherfuckers. Here, this is what happens.


Related, NOT really much better over in Germany, leftists supporting islam ideology by wanting women to dress properly, how long will it take before a “religious police squad” will operate?

by Vincent van den Born

Leftwing party in Berlin wants to tackle sexism by forbidding sexy advertisements

The German far left-wing party Die Linke has proposed to remove all ‘erotic’ advertisement in the Berlin borough of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. On advertisement space, property of the borough, no “sexist or woman-unfriendly advertisements” should be displayed. That at least is the objective of a request the party submitted to the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf District Ordinance Committee (BVV).

The applicant, Niklas Schenker (23) went on record saying that:

Women’s bodies should no longer be presented as objects, good or products.

In their proposal, the party, parts of which are under investigation by the German secret services for being extremist (PDF), defined what is sexist. Describing women as ‘the fair sex’. A woman who is

barely dressed, or in a way that accentuates her body, and laughs without apparent reason, while the man is completely and comfortably dressed.“…


or the way Anne Marie Waters stated…

Now for Gods sake, let stop this foolish nonsense, let’s indeed make Europe “HARAM” again and cut this bullshit. Muslims do have a big big problem anyway concerning sex and nudity anyway, just like their pedoprophet Mohammed did, he was obsessed by sex if you read their scriptures (not only the quran.) Beside, this weirdo is the ultimate and perfect “holy” example for every muzzie in every detail to follow. I mean, child brides, rapes, sex slaves and near cousin marriage, not to mention the hidden homo’s within the islamic communities… I just want to say to all those muzrats; “You don’t like our freedom in the West? well fuck off then to the cave you came crawling out!”

Have a nice day, Zeepertje

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