Berlin Gangs Using Asylum Centres to Recruit New Criminals

The “Arab clan” organised crime gangs in Berlin are using asylum centres in the German capital to recruit new drug dealers from the migrant population and extorting others.

Andreas Meyer, a former employee at one of the migrant centres in Berlin, has told how limousines would pull up to the centre at night containing Arab clan criminals who would recruit young 18- to 20-year-old migrants into the drug trade, Die Zeit reports.

Meyer said the meetings between the gangsters and the migrants would last around half an hour and the migrants would be given drugs like marijuana or heroin to sell. The media does not want to talk about the issue, he added.

Benjamin Jendro of the Berlin Police Union agreed with Meyer saying: “The young refugees have no one here to stop them.”

“They see peers who are driving an Audi Q8 and hear how easy it is to get there, and they want that too. You can not blame them.”

There is also an advantage for the criminal gangs to recruit migrants, as they have no criminal history in Germany and if they are underage they will not face trials in adult courts.

“For the [Arab] clans, there is no risk,” Jendro said noting that most of the migrants would never be inducted into the inner circle of the organisations. Even if caught, they would have no meaningful information to give authorities.

The Arab clans have also been getting into the business of migrant accommodation…


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