SWITZERLAND: Zurich’s public safety office requests towns ban Muslims from handing out qurans in public spaces, describing it as a front for jihad incitement and recruiting

Zurich cantonal authorities say they have concrete indications that actions by the Salafist group ‘True Religion’ are aimed at recruiting supporters for “Islamic criminal/terrorist activities.”

Known for handing out the Muslim holy book on streets as part of a campaign called “Lies!” (German translation for “Read”), the group – founded by Gaza-born, German Salafist Ibrahim Abou-Nagie – promotes the violent Salafist movement in Islam, which takes a fundamentalist approach to the religion and rejects modern changes or innovations.

Swiss Info (h/t Mazdak A)  The group was banned in Germany last year and shortly afterwards the Swiss Attorney General’s Office opened criminal proceeding against certain members. Authorities suspect that they could be guilty of participating in or supporting a criminal organisation and also potentially violating the federal law that prohibits groups such as Islamic State (ISIS), al-Qaeda or affiliated groups.

In Switzerland, the group is also active in Basel, Bern and in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, although it is not known how many texts have been distributed overall. In canton Basel City, moves have also been made to stop the distribution of the books: no printed matter is allowed to be handed out that poses a risk to public security.

On Friday, the cantonal justice office said it recommended banning the distribution of Korans by the group. Some of True Religion members are under criminal investigation, following a ban and police raid of the group in Germany last year.

There is no obligation for any canton or community to make open spaces available to organizations which do not share our values, the statement from the Zurich authorities explainedexternal link. This allows for the ban, without breaking any laws. The decision was based on a legal opinion, it added.

It is not known how many distribution campaigns have been carried out in canton Zurich…

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