800 Straight-A British Students Denied Med School in Favor of Foreigners

An estimated 800 or so straight-A students in Britain have been forced to find medical schooling overseas — despite the fact the government-run healthcare system is desperately in need of doctors.


The government says it can’t afford to train doctors in Britain because of the high costs associated with the course work, so it actively encourages students to study in other countries.

And that active encouragement includes denying the students admission to some of the top medical colleges in the country.

They’re forced to go elsewhere.

Curious thing is, though: the U.K. authorities have found the money to train foreigners.

Almost 6,000 foreign doctors were hired by the country last year, the Daily Mail reported.

More from the paper:

“Official figures reveal that 770 students with three grade As or higher at A-level were rejected by medical schools last year due to a controversial Government quota system. …

“Yet almost 6,000 foreign doctors were hired…


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