Dunkirk: Muslims burn down yet another migrant camp as Afghans and Kurds clash

How long will it take before the media blames some “far right” group for this islamic arson, who has been nowhere near the camps?

Take a guess: will they have any remorse?

Devastating blaze at Dunkirk migrant camp ‘deliberately started’ as authorities say it is ‘impossible to rebuild’

by Henry Samuel, video credit Olivier Nion

Harriet Alexander /Telegraph, 10 April 2017 • 11:39pm

A migrant camp near Dunkirk that had become the de facto replacement of Calais’ notorious “jungle” was “deliberately” burned down overnight and cannot be rebuilt, local authorities said on Tuesday.

Dramatic footage showed the Grande-Synthe camp engulfed in flames at around 9pm after rival Afghan and Kurdish gangs had turned on each other, with police firing volleys of tear gas to separate the groups.

At least six people were injured in “extremely violent” fighting between migrants, some wielding knives.

Home to an estimated 1,500 migrants outside the town, Grande-Synthe has seen its numbers swell since the Calais “jungle” was bulldozed in October and was seen as a key people trafficking hub for migrants seeking to illegally enter Britain.

The camp has been “reduced to a pile of ash,” said Michel Lalande, the highest state representative of the Nord region. “It will be impossible to rebuild cabins in place of those that existed before,” he said.

“There must have been deliberately started fires in several places, it’s not possible otherwise,” said Olivier Caremelle of the Grande-Synthe town hall.

A fight broke out between 200 migrants earlier in the evening, and was broken up by police. But a second fight erupted later between 600 migrants and several fires were started, said police sources.

Migrants evacuate the Grande-Synthe camp
Migrants evacuate the Grande-Synthe camp.Designed in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders as an exemplary camp meeting international humanitarian standards, Grande-Synthe had struggled to cope with rocketing arrivals since the closure of the “jungle”…

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