Alienated Muslims in Europe establish their own parties

There are 11 political parties founded by Muslims or with majority-Muslim memberships on European soil.


Muslims in countries worldwide are forming their own political parties to make their voices heard and tackle their problems through political means.

Europe or European territories have 11 political parties founded by Muslims or with mostly Muslim membership.

Parties in France, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, and Greece were founded to counter the rising tide of Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslims in Europe.

Austria’s New Movement for the Future Party (NBZ) was founded by Adnan Dincer to become the voice of minorities in the country.
“There is no party in the country that works to solve the problems of minorities,” he said.
On the contrary, other parties in the country have an anti-minority attitude, he added.
“It’s for this reason that our political party was needed. NBZ was established to serve this need,” he said.

The Netherlands
The “Denk” (Think) party was formed due to the 2015 expulsion from the Labor Party of two MPs, Tunahan Kuzu and Selcuk Ozturk, for refusing to support Deputy PM Lodewijk Asscher’s integration policy.
The two Dutch MPs of Turkish origin formed a new political party called Denk.
The party also includes other Dutch MPs.
“Our party was founded to make minorities heard in the Netherlands,” said party leader Tunahan Kuzu.

France’s Turkish-Muslim…

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