UK supermarket clerk converts to Islam, gets bomb-making instructions, tries to join jihadis, blames Brexit

His lawyer said that “he wanted to leave the UK to live a humble, simple life, in a Muslim community. He discussed going to Somalia. He considered going to Bosnia, and he considered the Philippines. He wanted to live in a community under Sharia law with what he saw as an idyllic way of life.”

Stonings, beheadings, amputations, oppression of women, non-Muslims, gays — really, who wouldn’t find that idyllic?

“After Brexit there were divisions in his community in Nottingham, he was concerned about the way ordinary people were reacting to ordinary Muslims. So with that background he was looking for a different way of life.”

He had bomb-making instructions and combat gear, and he tried to join a jihad group. An “ordinary Muslim.”

Do British authorities have any intention of studying why so many converts to Islam get the crazy idea that their new religion requires them to commit treason and mass murder? Why, of course not. That would be “Islamophobic.” Did anyone in Ryan Counsell’s circle of relatives, friends, coworkers, or acquaintances try to prevent him from converting to Islam? Why, certainly not. That would have been “racist.”


“Convicted terrorist who attempted to leave UK to join jihadists blames Brexit,” by Rachael Pells, Independent, March 4, 2017:

A convicted terrorist who left his wife and young family to fight in the Philippines has blamed Brexit for his behaviour.

Ryan Counsell, 28, said he wished to escape the UK political climate and seek an “idyllic life” under Sharia law.

He was in the final stages of planning his trip to fight with terrorist group Abu Sayyaf…

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