Muslims Hack Atheist to Death for Blasphemous Posts on Facebook

Once again, the so-called religion of peace has exposed its violent roots. A man in India named H Farook was hacked to death by Muslim men, angered at his atheist posts on Facebook.

Blasphemy laws are taken pretty seriously in Islam. Break them and face horrific penalties that range from public lashings to death penalties.

Blasphemy laws are taken pretty seriously by Muslims — who often take it on themselves to punish or kill those seen as violators.

The portion of Koran that speaks to this principle is 8:93 and it reads: “Who can be more wicked than one who invent a lie against Allah?”

And forgiveness by the government for the crime of blasphemy does not always translate into forgiveness from Muslims in the community.

As Christine Williams from Jihad Watch wrote:

“Blasphemy laws are encoded in the Sharia, which Muslims consider to be divine law. If a government does not impose a death sentence for blasphemy, an individual Muslim might decide to step in as judge and executioner, if he believes that in doing so, he is serving and protecting the name of Allah.”

Such was the fate of H Farook.

A group of four Muslims in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu — an area that’s, interestingly enough, populated mostly by Hindus, rather than Muslims — nonetheless took offense at the postings of a 31-year-old man named in the Times of India as H. Farook. And they hacked him to death.

From the newspaper:..


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