IRAQ: Islamic State (ISIS) using dogs as suicide bombers

DISTURBING new footage has appeared online of a tiny dog being fitted with a custom-made suicide bomb vest in Iraq. Considering that most Muslims consider dogs to be “filth” because Mohammed didn’t like them, ISIS jihadists get a twofer from using them as suicide bombers – killing several people while getting rid of the dogs at the same time.

UK Expressisis-mosul-suicide-dog-puppy-02  (h/t Susan K) The video appears to show Islamic State jihadis, known for their improvisations on the battlefield, have wrapped the tiny animal’s torso with explosives before sending it across the front line. The horrifying video was apparently uploaded online by fighters with the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Units.

The PMU, or Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi, is a group of militia, brought together and state-sponsored to battle with jihadis in Iraq. In 2014 the group was incorporated into the country’s armed forces to help fight on the battlefield as major cities were overtaken by terrorists.

Three PMU fighters crouch over the small animal in the video, one resting a knife on the ground as they speak to the camera about the find. They tell the camera the dog is strapped to four bottles, likely filled with shrapnel. Accoring to the men, if detonated it could kill three of four people.

The trio claimed the dog was sent around the corner to where they were positioned. PMU members said the dog was fitted with explosives which are remotely detonated.

“ISIS has just sent an innocent animal with explosives wrapped around it to our position to try and blow our troops up,” the group said. “We have disarmed the explosives and taken them off.



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