French attempts to ‘de-radicalise’ homegrown jihadists pronounced a ‘TOTAL FIASCO’

Ya don’t say?

I have long warned of the foolishness and the fallacies of the ‘deradicalization ‘ programs. Of course it’s a total fiasco. The motive, the ideology, behind their war is never addressed. It is scrubbed, whitewashed from all counter terror programs. How can you purge jihad and sharia from “de-radicalizeation” programs and expect success?

The whole premise of “deradicalization” is false. Nowhere do these programs — whether in Saudi Arabia or Europe or the US — actually address the motive behind this war. Islam. Radicalization is a euphemism for devout Muslim.

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French attempts to ‘de-radicalise’ homegrown jihadists pronounced a ‘total fiasco’

By Henry Samuel, Paris

Among the damning revelations in the report were the fact that the only de-radicalisation centre currently up and running, and fully staffed at an annual cost of €2.5 million,  is in fact empty. Among the last people it housed – supposedly non-threatening individuals tempted by radical Islam – one turned out to be on a terror watchlist and the other was caught seeking to reach Syria.
Twelve other centres slated to be set up have not been opened.


Islamist terrorists involved in the Paris attacks of November 13, 2015

The report also found that many local associations supposed to help families deal with radicalised members are incompetent at best and many signed up simply to obtain public funding.

One supposedly groundbreaking programme to bring back radicalised inmates to the French Republican fold had to be scrapped after a prisoner duped the authorities into believing that he had reformed before seeking to murder guards.

Slamming the efforts to date, Philippe Bas, a centre-Right Republicans senator, said: “It’s a total fiasco. Everything requires a total rethink. Everything must be started from scratch.”

The report was seized on by Marine Le Pen’s National Front as validating its call to have Islamists detained or deported.

Some 15,000 people in France are followers of radical Islam, with a further 680, including about 275 women, thought to have joined jihadist movements in Iraq and Syria, the Socialist government has estimated. There are deep concerns…


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