Canada: Protesters at mosque where imam prayed for killing of unbelievers could face hate crime charges

The imam there prayed: “O Allah! Give us victory over the disbelieving people…slay them one by one and spare not one of them.”

But that was said behind the walls of this mosque — are these quislings investigating that?

The Toronto Sun reports that “Toronto’s Jewish Defence League says it will file a ‘hate crimes’ complaint with Toronto Police alleging there were ‘troubling’ words in sermons at a downtown mosque, including inciting the ‘killing of Jews.’” The JDL deserves the gratitude of all Canadians and all free people. They’re doing the job the Canadian government ought to be doing.


“Police investigate anti-Muslim rally outside Toronto mosque as possible hate crime,” by Shanifa Nasser, CBC, February 20, 2017:

Police are looking into whether an anti-Islam rally held on the doorstep of a mosque in the heart of downtown Toronto Friday had any criminal element and whether it could be considered a hate crime.

With signs of love and support plastered to its exterior, Masjid Toronto bore little sign on Saturday of the rally held there just a day before, during which more than a dozen people — with banners and loudspeakers in hand — called for a ban on Islam as Muslims prayed inside.

Toronto police say they have received multiple complaints about the demonstration, some from those who were present at the mosque and others from those who weren’t, Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook told CBC Toronto.

Douglas-Cook said it’s too early to determine whether the incident will be considered a hate crime but that they are looking into the possibility.

‘We stand with you and forever welcome you with open minds and hearts,’ reads one sign plastered to the exterior of the mosque. (CBC)

There’s a “fine line,” Douglas-Cook said, between the free expression of thoughts and views, and breaching the law or violating a particular group.

Asked what that line is, Douglas-Cook responded: “That’s a conversation we’ve been having all day.”

Police say they aren’t focusing their attention on any one group in particular. As with any complaint, she said, investigators will speak to witnesses, take a formal statement and, if necessary, collect evidence.

Asked if there is any criminal element to blocking the entrance of the mosque, Douglas-Cook said it was too soon to tell.

Abdul-Basit Khan, a spokesperson for the mosque, said that in the 15 years since it was founded, he’s never seen a rally like Friday’s.

“You’re used to seeing this kind of vitriol in the comments sections of newspapers or online. You don’t necessarily see it in person. So that’s what was surprising about yesterday,” he said. “Especially in light of Quebec City…”


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