Former Chaplain to the Queen: Church of England Dying, UK Cities Could Soon Be Islamic, ‘Islam is a serious threat’

Posted 4 februari 2017 by Zeepertje in buitenland

Britain could be an Islamic nation in a few generations and the Church of England is facing extinction, a former chaplain to the Queen has said.

blog-queen-chaplain-ukRev Gavin Ashenden, who resigned last month after criticising a Scottish cathedral for hosting a reading of the Quran during a Eucharist service, told Breitbart News’s James Delingpole Anglicanism seems too weak to tackle the great challenges it faces.
The former chaplain doubled down on his criticism of the service, saying the teaching of the Quran on Jesus was fundamentally at odds with Christian teaching.

‘Islam is a serious threat’ Queen’s Chaplain who quit over Koran in church speaks out

THE former Queen’s Chaplain who resigned in protest after a passage from the Koran was read in a Scottish cathedral says Christianity is under threat.

By Katie Mansfield, The Express, Jan 28, 2017

The Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden stepped down from his role following after a section from the Koran that teaches Jesus is not the son of God was read during a service to mark Epiphany.
Rev Ashenden said the reading at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow could be viewed as blasphemy and is indicative of the the rise of Islam in Britain.

blog-gavin-ashendenSpeaking to, Rev Ashenden said: “My first thoughts were astonishment that any Christian church, let alone a cathedral would consider introducing not only a reading from the Koran instead of the Bible, but one which denied the Bible’s record of who Christ really was.

Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden said Islam and secularism are serious threats to Christianity

“I think the clergy at the cathedral should apologise – but particularly to the Christians in the Middle East, who are being killed and whose houses and churches have been pulled down by Islamic activists.“Comfortable clergy in the West should not take actions that undermine others who are being seriously persecuted for their faith.”Rev Ashenden, who was one of 36 chaplains to the Queen, said the Glasgow Koran saga has implications for the Queen’s role as head of the church.


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