French prosecutors rule 11-year-old girl ‘consented’ to sex with 28-year-old and will not charge him with rape

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Embracing New Cultures: Sweden Condones Child Marriage for Immigrants

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Girls as young as four are being ‘forced’ into wearing hijabs in the classroom as part of the compulsory uniform of state-funded Islamic schools, campaigners warn

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CANADA: MUSLIM bus driver has been fired after allegedly sexually assaulting and molesting a disabled a 15-year-old Canadian

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New Hampshire: Muslim “refugee” charged with sexually assaulting 4 girls, including 7-year-old

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“Ik ben verkracht door duizenden mannen. Waar blijft de steun van politie en gerecht?”

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Australia: Girls as young as 9 trafficked into forced marriages

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Islamisierung: Zahl der Kinderehen in Berlin steigend

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No Prosecution Necessary: UK Police Force Issues over 100 Cautions for Rape, Sexual Assault Against Children

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