Donald Trump Pays for Christmas Dinner for Hundreds of Law Enforcement Members Working the Holiday

President Donald Trump personally paid for hundreds of Christmas dinners for members of law enforcement who were working over the holiday.

Hundreds of Christmas dinners were served on Christmas day to members of the Secret Service, the White House Military Office, and the Palm Beach Sheriff Department, according to a source speaking to CNN’s Noah Gray.

The meals were described as a “full Christmas spread” and included turkey and a dessert buffet. The meals were served from 1-7 p.m. so that everyone could get food on a rotating shift…


The Associated Press said the menu started with Mr. Trump’s Wedge Salad, as the first of four salad or soup options.

Entrees included turkey, char crusted filet mignon and seared foie gras, braised short ribs, pan seared seabass and diver scallops.

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Merry Christmas, with an X: Melania Trump Tweets Sultry Santa Selfie; First lady Melania Trump tweeted a selfie on Christmas morning, depicting herself wearing a Santa hat and blowing a kiss to the camera as golden reindeer dance in the foreground.

Melania Trump Santa (Mark Wilson / Getty)Mrs. Trump also appears to be wearing a white coat. The Santa hat appears to be a filter added to the photo, not an actual hat. The first lady also posted the photo on her Instagram account.

The photo appears to have been taken in the White House, which the first lady took pride in decorating for the holiday season. She is currently with President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, in Florida — not a climate given to heavy winter clothing.

The date of the photo is unknown, but on December 7, Mrs. Trump wore a similar coat during a Christmas event at a children’s hospital in Washington, DC.


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