Ex-Muslim Says: Ban the Niqab

Life today for Muslim women in the UK is very different from when I was growing up as a Muslim girl in a Muslim household.

You know you are getting old when you start talking about ‘the good old days’ in relation to your past, but life in Glasgow, Scotland, in the 70s and 80s was actually pretty good for Muslim women.

Yes, there was racism, but other communities had to put up with that too (Catholic Irish people couldn’t find jobs and were openly discriminated against, for example). The Muslim community doesn’t have a monopoly on victim status. Every group has been a victim, and every group has victimised others…

/…The niqab isn’t as easily dressed up. I’ve seen some coloured ones, but they’re still niqabs. They’re still ‘outdoor kitchens’ for women to be walking around in. The niqab says only two things to me:

1 – the wearer (who isn’t always a victim) is sending out a clear message that she is not interested in integrating into a new society or getting to known non-Muslims.

2 – the wearer is being controlled by an insecure man who will not allow his wife or daughters out of the house unless they are covered from head to toe. These men claim their religion is compassionate yet they impose on their womenfolk an oppressive rule made by men in order to control their women.

Banning the niqab is probably one of the simplest ways Britain could assert itself, its laws and its cultural identity and values over a desert and primitive culture and its values in the face of hostile and uncompromising Islamisation. Banning the niqab should be low-hanging fruit. But Britain hasn’t got the bottle to do that. This is not tolerance. It is weakness. If we can’t win the easy battles, we will never win the difficult ones…

Also published on Fenixx.org

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