It might make you feel good, but throwing pig’s blood on a mosque construction site will not prevent it from being built


NETHERLANDS: Members of the rapidly growing European based anti-Islamization group PEGIDA, is alleged to have dumped pig’s blood on a construction site of a mosque.

But Muslims are accustomed to these kinds of incidents and they quickly get it cleaned up (by a non-Mulim), say a prayer or two, and voila – the pigs blood attack is rendered a nothing burger.

Newsweek  Dressed as a priest, a member of the anti-Islamization group, Pegida, is alleged to have planted a wooden cross on the site of a new mosque in the Dutch municipality Enschede on Sunday morning, and then proceeded to rub the cross with pig’s blood. Muslims abstain from eating pigs because their meat and blood are viewed as impure, and Pegida has used pig products and even dead pigs for previous hate crimes anti-Islam protests…

/Like this? Oh, that’s right, nobody called this stabbing murder of a Dutch filmmaker a “hate crime” because a Muslim did it. Only white people can be accused of hate crimes.

Pegida is a far-right patriotic anti-Islamization group that emerged in 2014 in the poorest region of East Germany in response to the government’s open-door policy toward Muslim refugees. Shortly thereafter, the group opened chapters in the Netherlands and staged protests in Amsterdam and The Hague…

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