Populist French Mayor Told to Remove Nativity from City Hall

Populist mayor of Béziers Robert Ménard has been told by a French court to permanently take down a nativity scene from the city hall, but Ménard has vowed to let it stand.

The controversy surrounding the placement of the nativity scene began in 2014 shortly after Ménard had been elected mayor of the city.

Complaints were lodged against the religious scene, with some claiming that it violated the strict secularisation laws in France, and now the administrative court of appeal of Marseille has judged that the 2014 nativity had no place in the city hall, L’Express reports.

Ménard, despite the court case, also put up a nativity scene in 2015, 2016, and plans to have one this year, as well. According to the Béziers mayor, the new scenes will reflect local regional customs.

The move will likely allow Ménard to get around the ban as a judgement from 2016 stated that nativity scenes were allowed in public buildings if “special circumstances show that the installation is of a cultural, artistic or festive nature”…

Also published on Fenixx.org

How many lies fit into 5 minutes, haha. Like the tolerance of other religions. Anyway, here’s why the muzzrats are not allowed to celebrate Christmas or even wishing others a merry Christmas… (Perfect integration eh?) 👇

  • What Muslims Need To Know About Christmas




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