Facebook Jihad in Hungary: Counter Jihad News Site Gets Shut Down by the Muslim Community

The Muslim world is succeeding in imposing the brutal and savage blasphemy laws on the West. America’s leading communications company is enforcing sharia on speech. Who gave them our proxy? Who gave them to power to submit?

No American media reported that:

The Facebook management has assured Pakistan that it will remove fake accounts and explicit, hateful and provocative material that incites violence and terrorism.

The commitment was given by Vice President of Facebook Joel Kaplan who called on Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday.

Facebook has reiterated its commitment to keep the platform safe and promote values that are in congruence with its community standards. (Gulf Today)

Facebook’s standards are sharia compliant. Anti-trust legislation against these social media giants is long over due. This is America, not Saudi Arabia. Enough.

In the twentieth century, the US government used anti-trust laws to dismantle US corporations with far less money and infinitely far less power. Never in the history of mankind has such absolute power in the information battle-space been in the hands of so few. If the body politic understood this and the ramifications of inaction, they would be terrified. And rightly so…

/Hungarian counter jihad news site gets shut down by the Muslim Community

A major Hungarian counter jihad news site on Facebook, ’Dzsihádfigyelő’, with nearly seven thousand followers and a maximum audience reach of 800.000 viewers, gets shut down by the Hungarian Muslim Community (Magyar Iszlám Közösség; MIK), after 8 years of succesful operation.

Muslims Destroy Dzsihádfigyelő’s Site – Posted by Breitportal, 14th November 2017”:
” Muslims Destroy Dzsihádfigyelő’s Site
Freedom of speech reigns supreme within the Hungarian Muslim Community. They managed to get Dzsihádfigyelő banned from Facebook.
A Flagship of Criticism of Islam in Hungary…
/Hungarian Muslims Did Not Like It…
/Antifa Protects Them (Meaning: Antifa protects Islam – Hungarian-English translator)…
/Inciting to Stoning is Allowed…
/Freedom of Speech !

Also published on Fenixx.org

We encourage all the kind readers of Breitportal to ’like and followDzsihádfigyelő which is our ideological ally regarding the issue of Islam:

Let’s show that there is freedom of speech in Hungary, and we will not cower and quail when the opposition does not like something.”


Video about the Hungarian Islamic Community: “These homosexuals are the filthiest of Allah’s creatures. A Muslim must never accept this disease, this terrible depraved thing.”…

  • Magyar szélsőséges imám: “A homoszexuálisok Allah legmocskosabb teremtményei”

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