Calais crisis returns: Mayor claims 1,000 migrants back in secret camps to travel to UK

ANOTHER Calais crisis is brewing as hundreds of Britain-bound migrants have returned to the northern port less than 12 months after the Jungle shanty town was demolished by French authorities.

The region’s conservative mayor Natacha Bouchart claimed up to 1,000 migrants are sleeping rough on the city’s streets or in secret makeshift camps on the outskirts of town.

She said: “Between 800 and 1,000 people have returned to Calais. Migrants have decided, in an anarchic manner, that they have the right to be here. But don’t let them fool you – they are not helpless. Migrants know Calais better than anyone else.

“They have smartphones and nice clothes. They’ve been told that they have rights, but no duties.

“They drink themselves senseless – they down litres of vodka – and get into fights.”…

/Fabien Sudry said: “Mayor of Calais’s calculations go well beyond the most optimistic estimates.”

But he still admitted local authorities estimate up to 600 migrants are now in the Calais area, and local charities say there are 700…

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